Search engine optimization, You Need It!

There is good Arabic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and there’s–well the other camp! At Middle East Solutions, we are proud of using only the most effective, ethical, long-term SEO strategies. This practice is commonly known as organic SEO.

Arabic SEO, search engine optimization

What’s great about it is that it gets results and will go on working, long after the coders, the keyword researchers and the writers have gone on to something else.

SEO is an investment that will go on paying off even when you have forgotten about it.

Why Arabic SEO?

First, you might be asking yourself if you really need Arabic SEO. After all, most people in the Arab world speak English right?

We’ve done a little market research on the subject and we’ve found that the vast majority of Arabic speakers not only prefer to read in their native language, but that they respond better to a marketing message that is in Arabic–especially when it’s in their particular vernacular.

No surprises there really. It is widely acknowledged that the number-one rule of marketing is that it should be in language that is readily understood to the audience. So, let us proceed.

What you need to Know about Arabic Search Engine Optimization

Arabic SEO is pretty much the same as regular global SEO, but you need to bear in mind a few things that distinguish SEO for the Arabic world from all other international SEO.

The most obvious distinguishing factor is that Arabic reads from right-to-left so the optimization rules are going to be slightly different. Another problem is that written Arabic differs considerably from the Arabic dialects from area to area.

Therefore, if you hire Arabic copywriters they have to have in-depth knowledge of the dialect of the target audience they are writing for. This is a lot easier said than done and it requires intimate knowledge of the region.

Let’s Work Together to Create Great Arabic Content

Digital marketing in the Arab world, and particularly Arabic SEO, is behind much of the rest of the world. In 2012, Arabic content constituted only around 3% of what was available online, and much of that was low quality.

Happily, local businesses have woken up to the reality and are working to do something about it. In fact, it was the subject of the MENA ICT Forum back in March 2012.

Arabic Content Creators Faced With a Unique Opportunity

I regard the fact that Arabic SEO and Arabic content development is still nascent as a situation that provides us with a unique opportunity to create an environment that is actually better than the English-speaking Web was 15 years ago.

We should be able to benefit from the SEO knowledge that has grown up over time for the US and Europe.

Now this is not happening; companies are just not taking advantage of the opportunities before them. Much of the existing Arabic content should be more tightly targeted and could be better quality.

If you are just breaking into Arabic online, please enlist the help of an expert so that you can create content that speaks to your visitors, enlightens, and generally reflects your business well.

At the end of the day though, Arabic SEO follows the same rules as the SEO we all recognize; Google rules everywhere. However, there are differences. You cannot just translate from another language into Arabic and hope for the best.

Fresh keyword research for your Arabic pages is essential. Just translating your keywords could be a disaster. In addition, different words may be used in different areas, so you may have to optimize for several different parts of the Arabic-speaking region.

Then there are customs and preferences: it is critical that web pages use the vernacular of the reader and understand how he or she thinks.

Organic SEO

Unlike Pay per Click (PPC), organic SEO methods do not stop when you do. Once the content and the optimization is in place on your site, you will always have the basics.

Naturally, you can and should add to your content over time, and the natural condition in business is that things progress and change, but the initial work will act as a foundation for everything else.

Good SEO will continue bringing you the traffic you must have, and every additional effort that you make with time will just increase the good effect exponentially.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the most important aspect of Digital Marketing, and critical to building your website.

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