how to get backlinks

How to create backlinks that are the DNA of your website!

Getting backlinks into your site should be a priority if you plan to be successful online. But it’s time-consuming and if you pay for link building services it can be prohibitively expensive. Unless you go with a cheapo link building service which can cost you your business when they hook you up with all sorts of bad-neighborhood sites. This applies now more than ever, after the latest Penguin Google algorithm update.

How to Get Backlinks

But it is possible to get good backlinks at a reasonable price using software. Just be very careful which software you use.

Here are some methods we approve of (because we use them ourselves):

  1. Create quality content that other websites will want to refer to: become an authority in your niche. Lists are particularly popular, especially series of lists. Examples of titles might be ’20 of the best (fill in your subject here)’. Interviews with personalities associated with your niche are also great if you can get them. You may need to get out of your comfort zone for this, but it will be well worth it.
  2. Link out to other quality sites: it is part of a process that will establish you as an authority and make it more likely that people will link to your content. Your pages and blog posts should contain links to quality content that enhances the information you have on your site. Make the links open in a new window though so that you don’t send visitors away from your site.
  3. Get active on social media: this cannot be stressed too highly. Your incoming social media links are your site’s lifeblood so get busy! Create a strategy for yourself, say to contact two thought-influencers daily on your chosen social media channel, by commenting on a post of theirs, or submitting a link from their site where you @ them on Twitter or mention them on Facebook.
  4. Create an infographic that will be super-useful to your visitors. They will link back to it! I particularly like this how-to on creating infographics.
  5. Guest post for a site that’s popular within your niche. The very fact that SEO and social media people do this should tell you about its effectiveness.
  6. Give away a gift in exchange for links, or run a competition where people have to link back to your site. This is an all-time favorite of some of the most successful websites on the Web.
  7. Here’s one you’ve overlooked for sure: don’t forget to link between your own site pages and blog posts. These links count and they’re a good way of leading your visitors around inside your content in a meaningful way. Don’t overdo it though, and only link if it’s relevant.
  8. Buzzstream

This is not an exhaustive list. There are other ideas that you’ll come across, but if you implement five of these you’ll be well on the way to collecting an envious selection of backlinks. Just be careful not to build your list of backlinks too quickly, opr this could ring warning bells over at Google. Also, guard your link neighborhood fiercely, which means be ultra careful not to link with a site in a bad neighborhood. Use your common sense here–you know what Google disapproves of! Good luck.


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