Personal and Corporate Branding

It’s Your Brand: Take Control!

To get a grasp of what a brand is, we must first describe what it isn’t: it’s not your logo–that’s just a graphic. Although in a brand that evokes very strong positive or negative responses, the logo can be part of it.

It isn’t your name, it isn’t what you do or who you work with, or even who buys from you. But all of these aspects of ‘you’ come into play. They all combine to make up what people think about you, and that is a better description of what a brand is.

Your brand is your perceived image, online and off

It’s what people think of when your name is mentioned, it’s what you’re associated with, and it can be all shades of very good, to very, very bad. For the most part, the public reaction to brand is emotional rather than cerebral.

That’s why it makes sense to grab hold of any opportunity to engage with your clientele to shape your brand and nurture your image, especially when it comes to your online reputation.

Don’t leave your brand to chance because correcting things once they’ve gone bad is so much harder than doing it right the first time.

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We Can Help with an Expert Branding Campaign

Lots of things can affect your brand. An effective branding campaign will take into effect dozens of aspects of your business, as well as potentially damaging influences that you may not even be aware of.

Personal and corporate brand has been called a digital thumbprint, an image, and many other things. Branding is, in effect, all these things and more

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