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What Business Growth Strategies Have You Employed This Week?

All the time I speak to business owners who are busy looking for information–especially business growth strategies–that will help them make their business more profitable. But the ugly Business Growth    truth is that most of them never actually do anything to push themselves forward, to grow their brand, or to improve products or services, no matter how much knowledge they accumulate. It takes hard work to grow a business–make no mistake about that.

Hard Work = Business Growth

Every business needs to be in a state of growth. If you’re not growing you’re standing still–or heading belly-up. Though most entrepreneurs have at least some idea of where they should be heading, every now and then we’re stuck for inspiration. I have created this list of proven Business Growth Strategies for those times. Just make sure you’re doing some of it (OK as much as possible) every single week.
  1. Clean up your customer database (or newsletter list, or whatever it is that you have) and contact people who you have done business with in the past. Just touch base with them and see where it ends. If you don’t do it, ask for permission to contact them with offers from time-to-time.
  2. Update your website. Make sure it’s properly optimized for the search engines. Publish new content regularly. This is a critical step. If you’re not sure what to do, get help.
  3. Start blogging for business. Every business has something of value to communicate to its audience. If you don’t do it others will and they’ll be ahead of you in the game.
  4. Chances are your social media activity is below-par. Pick one area and decide to learn something new and apply it every week. Engage as often as you can but never try to sell. Be helpful and courteous.
  5. Look for other businesses that compliment your own and offer to work on a joint venture with them. Examples might be offering a distributor a cut to spread the word about your products if they are a match for his. Do you sell office machinery? Perhaps he sells repair services or something similar.
  6. Don’t waste your time doing things you’re not good at. This has been said so many times but it couldn’t be more important to the success of your business: If you stink at accounts then hire an accountant. If you can’t afford it offer to trade services/products. Stick to what you’re really good at.
  7. Examine your providers: anyone who is not making the grade needs to be replaced in order for you to maximize your investment.

I have more where this came from, but I’ve decided to split it all into two or three articles. Don’t forget to sign up to be reminded when further posts go live.

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