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Business Growth Digital Marketing

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Marketing Spend Way Out of Control? You need a digital marketing strategy!

If you’re still pouring thousands of dollars into your marketing campaign every month, perhaps it’s time to consider your options. An effective digital marketing strategy is a dream come true for businesses hit hard by the recession, and for cash-strapped startups.

If you doubt the effectiveness of a digital marketing strategy, just ask yourself a simple question: when you want to buy something, or when you need answers, do you go online first? Or do you buy a newspaper or magazine first? You go online, if you’re like most people in the Information Age.

  1. Targeting your market through online markets will give you at least 10x the reach for a fraction of the price.
  2. Results are instantaneous with digital marketing, whereas it can take weeks for a print marketing campaign to work.
  3. Easy to track your progress and effectiveness, and then make adjustments to your campaign to take advantage of that information; it’s impossible to get the same level of instant feedback from a print campaign–feedback can often take months.
  4. You can split-test your ads. This means that if you’re not sure which ad will be most effective, it’s really easy to run two or more and then see which works best. Then you can drop the less successful one immediately.
  5. You can launch a Facebook ad campaign for less than US$5 per day. Google Adwords is a little more expensive. Try going to a print magazine or journal to get advertising for anything less than US$5,000!
  6. There is no waste in a digital marketing campaign: you only pay for the visitors/customers who respond. With a print campaign you have no way of knowing how well you’re reaching your audience, and typically, only a tiny percentage of readers actually respond to an ad.
  7. While Word of Mouth marketing is a facet of print marketing, there is no question that it works far faster and more effectively than online.

All these very good reasons for the rapid migration to digital marketing might make you wonder why anyone would stay with print marketing at all. Basically, there’s still nothing like traditional print marketing campaigns for getting your brand out there. The fact that newspapers and magazines lie around on coffee tables can cause a logo or catchphrase to imprint them on the minds of readers.

But by far the fastest way into the hearts and minds of your audience is first via the digital world, as you can see from the wonderful infographic below.


Meanwhile here are some actionable takeaways for a digital marketing strategy from this article:

  • Upgrade your website for organic traffic
  • If you don’t have a website, get one fast
  • Set up your social media accounts and use them to network with your target market
  • Learn how to advertise your business on Facebook or Google Adwords–or hire someone who can do a good job for with PPC marketing infographic comparing digital marketing with traditional marketing


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