What You Need to Know about Foreign Language SEO

More than ever before, it is now possible for companies to go global, tightly targeting their markets in their own language and on their own terms. The knowledge is all there because hundreds, if not thousands, of companies have done Foreign Language SEO before you.

So how did they do it?

Take a look at any successful international business and you can be sure they’re using SEO, and using it well. Now as companies expand more and more into foreign mark

Foreign Language SEO

Foreign Language SEO

ets, it’s critical to get your foreign language SEO right. This means localizing your website and not just translation of the content on your website.

It pays to get a really good translator–forget about Google Translate because your business is far too precious to leave its success to a robot! A great translator will transform your content into highly readable content in your target language, and will also give you a heads-up if any of your words or concepts are red flag areas for your new audience. Occasionally it is necessary to drastically edit text for a new audience.

Like any good SEO campaign, foreign language SEO starts with strategic keyword research. Just translating your keywords into the target language may not get good results. It’s necessary for a native-speaker to make sure that the keywords you use are relevant and highly-searched. Again, investment at this stage will save you frustration later.


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