Marissa Mayer Knows What She’s Talking About

Here, Marrisa Mayer is talking specifically about Google’s usability. But the concepts can apply to any business or website. Listen and think about these points she’s talking about and how they might apply to your business. After all, there’s a lot we can learn from the success of Google.

Your Website has to do More Than Just Look Good

It’s your first reaction when you’re at the point where you’ve decided to get a business website, or upgrade your business website: let’s make it look really nice. And for most people, that’s as far as it goes. They don’t think about all the other critical components that contribute to making your website a success–or a failure.

Of course, how your website looks is important. But more important than that, according to Google itself is ‘usability.’ Website usability can include the following:

  • Does your website serve a purpose?
  • Can people find what they came for easily?
  • Does what they came for meet their expectations?
  • Is there’s lots of useful, relevant information that will keep people on your site?

Navigation is Your Number-One Concern

The first thing to do to make sure that all of these questions can be answered positively is to ensure that your website navigation is the best that it can be. The easiest way to do this is to get a web theme from a reputable company. I love to create websites in WordPress (yes, especially business sites). The great thing is that there are thousands of great sources for good WordPress themes that include the best possible web navigation. That means it:
  • Looks good
  • Pleases Google (which means it should be CSS rather than javascript or something else that Google can’t spider easily)
  • Clearly laid out so that visitors don’t  have to stop and think about how to find what they’re looking for

Back to Web Content–Optimized Web Content

Once the navigation is as good as it can be, the next thing you need to look at it is content, content, content.
This is, after all, exactly what people are looking for. Make sure the text you have on your website is well-written, relevant and interesting. And there needs to be plenty of it.
Writing web content is not a job for just anyone. There are lots of little pitfalls, that, if you’re not aware of them, can hold you back in the search results.
My sincere advice? If you’re going to pay for a writer, make sure that writer is also a specialist web content writer, because then you’ll be getting the best of both worlds. Otherwise, you could end up in a situation where you’ve already paid a writer, but you need to pay another one because while the first batch of content was well-written, it wasn’t written with the web (think search engines) in mind. This is sometimes also known as keyword optimized content. That’s crucial.
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