It’s All About User Experience Now

Link building is no longer the basis of any SEO campaign. Fresh strategies are needed for lots of quality inbound links post-Penguin.

before link building You need to think about content development first; what do your visitors need when they come to your website? What would help them to achieve their goals?


The entire user experience on your site should be shaped by you. You need to brainstorm, create a strategy and make all your hard work come together with a site that’s good to look at, easy to use, and that provides outstanding added value, to use a worn-out cliche. You need lots of linkable assets, which should include articles, images, data and videos.

In-bound links continue to be an important factor for ranking websites. Google counts them, and ranks them. But it’s not easy. It used to be just a case of hiring someone to arrange for links coming in. End of story. This is no longer the case. Even one wrong link can get you a penalty, and worse than that, you may end up with a manual action.

It’s vital that your inbound links are from the right sources and for the right reasons. Google doesn’t say it in so many words, but Bing does: if you know a link is coming then it’s not a natural link and could land you with a penalty.

Get Natural Links Without Penalties

Middle East Solutions will create a link building strategy that is perfectly suited to your business using little-known strategies that won’t get you penalized in any way. We know how to avoid bad neighborhoods, innefective links, and irrelevance. This is critical knowledge and it’s what is missing from most link building campaigns.

We will create incoming links from your industry’s influencers, enhancing your brand and establishing you as a trusted entity so that Google will pass you traffic.

As we said to begin with, a link building campaign goes hand-in-hand with content development. If you don’t have strong content, or enough content, we will suggest upgrading it before we start your linkbuilding campaign to make sure you get maximum ROI.

Contact us today to find out how soon we can start an advanced link building campaign for your online business.