Make my WordPress website faster

Make my WordPress website faster
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Google PageSpeed Insights

Want to make your WordPress website faster?

Google says that more than 50% of mobile users abandon the website they are visiting if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Therefore, after building your website and you are all set to make it live you have to make sure that it is faster than five seconds so you don’t lose customers. Make sure to test your website speed loading with a tool like google page speed, to start implementing the process stated in this article. How?

WordPress, Theme and plugin version

First, you need to choose a good theme that is SEO ready and is up to date with WordPress latest version. Then make sure that all your plugins and themes are up to date as well as having the latest WordPress version. After that, make sure that all your plugins are compatible with your theme. If not try using another theme.

Server side issues

One of the things people tend to ignore is the server side. That is a very important aspect of your website. Make sure you are using a good hosting company like ( Then check if your website is compatible with the PHP version that is set on your server side as well as having all PHP variables set properly to have a working website. Most good themes have a system check plugin associated but if not you can use a plugin like Server Status to help you configure your server to make your WordPress website faster.

Plugins that help make wordpress faster

There several caching plugins on the market free and paid out there but you have to choose the best based on other web developers experience. One of the best caching plugins is WP Rocket. I recommend this plugin because it is lite and easy to configure in just a few clicks. The other plugin you need is an image resizer and optimizer like WP SMUSH, which I recommend after trying out all the plugins out there. The other thing you have to look out to is avoid using heavy plugins like jetpack for visitors analytics and instead use a plugin like analytify which can be connected to google analytics to show you statistics in a beautiful way.