PPC Management Rates

We specialize in effective PPC Management but we will also extend one-off PPC help to identify account strategy problems.

ppc management

At Middle East Solutions we regard each keyword you target as a precious investment. We carefully monitor the success of your keywords. If they’re not converting well, we will substitute each one for a more effective keyword. Our goal is to make your PPC campaign as profitable for you as possible. There is no mystery about this: effective PPC brings immediate benefits in the form of sales and conversion, so you’ll be able to tell within days if your campaign is effective or not.

 Pay Per Click Advertising

In Pay Per Click Advertising we recommend that our clients start with twenty or thirty keywords and add to them gradually, as and when we find what works best for you. May other PPC management companies recommend their clients go after 1000s of keywords at a time with little regard for their profitability: we are only satisfied if the campaign is going well for you, so you can feel 100 percent confident in our service. We will discuss with you how your campaign can best be measured, but it is usually by cost-per-sale or conversion.[/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row top_and_bottom_padding=”” left_and_right_padding=”” bg_type=””][vc_column delay=”” delay_offset=”” bg_type=”” min_height=”” top_and_bottom_padding=”” left_and_right_padding=”” width=”1/1″]Our experienced PPC technicians will design your PPC keyword campaign and will assess a fee of $12 per month per keyword for each PPC account. These rates are subject to a minimum charge of $1,000.00 per month. It doesn’t matter if you’re targeting Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search Marketing, our PPC Management Service fee is the same for both.

Our approach to PPC advertising services and bid management is designed to be fair to you and to us, but more importantly to result in the best results possible for your investment in our Pay Per Click Services. We guarantee that our campaigns will drive conversion.

Why we Discounted other PPC Management Models:

Pay Per Performance

This method of managing a PPC campaign simply doesn’t work if your competitor is paying a higher price for each conversion.

Percentage Per Spend

It should be pretty obvious why our method of charging per keyword works better with PPC campaigns than Percentage Per Spend. In this method there is no incentive for the PPC management team to get you conversions. They’re getting money anyway, and they actually get more if your campaign isn’t very successful and you have to pay more.