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Death of an Icon by the power of Social Media Decree

A few weeks back we all watched the social media slaying of News Of The World via Twitter. Subsequently the paper, which has been running since 1843, folded due to the tremendous strength and volume of public opinion against them which explains the power of social media.

It all started when they were exposed for hacking into the voicemail of a murdered child, giving the parents false hope that she might still be alive. The revelation of this lack of ethics reverberated around the world on Twitter, and spilled over into other social media platforms, mainly Facebook and the newly-launched Google+.

My personal view is that the #notw deserved everything coming to them: not content with dishing up the dirt on everyone, they’ve now been caught with something much worse–tampering with the evidence in a Murder trial.

On July 8, i think we all gasped in surprise, though, when Murdoch announced that the News of the World would cease production.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media

The Power of Social Media

But is it really such a surprise? Social media platforms provide a medium for the man in the street to express his opinion. Never before has it been possible for the masses to express themselves in this way.

That expression is open to clear interpretation, and creates a wave of momentum that is hard to resist. While social media has grown steadily stronger and more popular over the past decade, the closure of the News of the World is the first time that such a clearly-defined result has emerged from momentum created by social media. But it won’t be the last.

My point is that if social media can bring an icon like the News of the World to its knees, businesses need to be very careful about their behavior. It is now crystal clear that the customer-base is a powerful element and can affect, not just degree of success, but a company’s very survival.

Never before in history has it been more important for businesses to get in touch with their customers and engage with them. Branding–or customer perception–is everything. For this very reason it also becomes more important than ever before for companies to to hire professional help with their social media presence.

I refrain from using the word ‘campaign’ because the old concept of an advertising campaign is dead. Your presence is ongoing and should be reviewed as an entity that will either keep your business afloat or allow it to sink to the depths.

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