Not Using Google Plus for Business?

Bad Idea: not using Google Plus for business!

This will probably come as a surprise to you, after all the talk about Google Plus for business being a non-starter, but more and more marketers are finding that Google Plus is good for business! It’s my personal opinion that Google is giving a significant boost to marketers who use the platform because they have a lot invested in it. They need to give it momentum.

So we need to start regarding Google+ as a serious contender in the social media world, because users are obviously starting to put it to good use.

Take note of the fact that Google is in a unique position to make sure its own social media platform succeeds. If you see that, then you will also see that you can only benefit by including Google Plus in your social media strategy.

So, if you haven’t started using it for business yet maybe it’s time you did. Even I had been putting off learning about it, until I learned about Google Author Rank. First it was on, then we heard that it was being discontinued, but now it seems to be back on again.

Perhaps the most important thing for online businesses to learn at the moment are the ramifications of Google Author Rank. You need to connect up all your social media accounts on Google Plus for this to work for you. Yes, it is a lot of work to orchestrate it all and to provide the required content, and for some there are privacy concerns, but it may be worth it when Google gives you the rank of an authority in your niche.

The important takeaway from all the articles about this subject is that you need to engage. You’ve heard it before but now it’s more important than ever. Comments from your network are going to be counted by Google as votes in your favor. So if you want to increase your Google author rank, engage for all you’re worth!

Is Google Moving Away from Links as the Major Ranking Factor?

I believe, judging by the sudden importance of Google Author Rank, that this just might be the case. This is definitely going to be the subject of a future article.

You might be wondering if you use social media services of some kind do you still need to know about social media and how Google Plus can help? I would say yes. It always pays to increase your knowledge of how social media works and how it can help your business–that way you can make great use of any opportunities to interact that come your way on a daily basis. Educating yourself will help you recognize those opportunities too.

I came across a Slideshare presentation that explains Google Author Rank in detail, created by Bill Slawski, someone whose writing I have trusted for a long time. This presentation will raise your Google Author Rank awareness level even if you’re already an expert.


For more tips on how to use Google+, we go to Search Engine Journal again for this Social Chat synopsis.


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