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Value of  YouTube Marketing

If you’re serious about your online presence you will already know that YouTube marketing can be a huge source of traffic as well as an effective branding tool for you, if you know how to use it. The first thing you’ll need to take advantage of video marketing is your very own video clips to upload to your website and to YouTube. They don’t have to be world-class as long as they offer some tangible benefit to the viewer–and that benefit can be simply beauty or amusement. You can get your message across very effectively while entertaining.

Too many marketers assume that if you don’t have a video go viral it’s not worth the effort. Nothing could be further from the truth, and there are some dangerous flaws in this way of thinking.

YouTube: Viral or Nothing?

First, it is next to impossible to predict which video will go viral. If you take a look at 20 videos that did go viral, you’ll find that nearly all of them were amateur videos with no production to speak of, and the owner did not upload it to YouTube planning for it to go viral. It just happens! So if you spend six months and thousands to try and ensure that your video will take off you’re pretty much missing the point. In that time you could have made several videos that are good-to-great, without nearly so much time, energy and cost. Who knows, one of them might go viral but if not you still have steady streams of traffic, and some of those visitors will convert. The important thing here is that you’re reaching your targeted audience and they are responding. Remember that when a video goes viral, in all likelihood only a tiny percentage of the resulting traffic will be relevant. The rest are mere sightseers!

Video Production

Often it is worth calling in a professional video production team to create a video that gets your message across in an entertaining way. With the right marketing production, costs can be recovered many times over. There’s no doubt about this and thousands of successful companies are testimony to the facts with only one or two videos that successfully market them and brand them with a little help on YouTube.

If you already have clips, we’ll help you use them to maximum effect to establish your brand and increase your website traffic with effective promotion that will get your link in front of the people who most need to see it.

There are ways of testing how effective your video is and how it is being received by viewers. This Mashable article on video marketing has some good tips.


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